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Scholarship Grant Application Form

PMC Esping Foundation (the "Foundation") is an organization exempt from income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its authority to make grants is strictly controlled by the Code and the regulations there under. By providing the information called for in this application form, you will help us process the application and enable us to determine whether or not we can lawfully make the grant requested.

Applicant Name:
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Amount Requested:
Educational Institution to be attended by applicant:
Degree towards which applicant is working:
Major area of study:
Applicant Is:  Undergraduate Student
 Graduate Student
Rate of tuition:
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Applicant will live:  On Campus
 Off Campus
Approximate cost of room and board:
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Approximate cost of books and other required supplies:
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Number of semester hours to be taken by Applicant:
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Courses to be taken by Applicant during semester(s) and year for which application is made:
Describe college courses completed by Applicant to date:
Will the Applicant be employed during the period for which application is being made?  Yes
If "YES", please list employer(s), number of hours per week to be worked by Applicant and salary Applicant will receive:

As defined in our Application Process page, you must provide a 500 word essay. To attach, please browse to the location of your file below.

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The following items will be required to successfully complete the application process. Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you for these documents.

  • A certified copy of college transcript. If Applicant has completed less than 12 hours of college courses, a certified copy of high school transcript is required.
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a college professor, high school instructor, counselor or principal.
  • A copy of the Applicant's latest income tax return (Form 1040) filed with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • If Applicant was claimed as a dependent by his or her parent(s) (or guardian) on their last year's income tax return, a copy of the latest income tax return (Form 1040) of the Applicant's parent(s) (or guardian) as filed with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • After review of this electronic application, other items may be requested from you as described on the Application Process page.